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About us


KIKA DECO distributes directly from Cayambe- Ecuador, where the world's most beautiful roses are produced. Not only we have the best variety of roses characterized by their beauty and natural shape, but we can also offer you the best prices. Our colors have no match for their natural beauty and romantic taste.


Our Roses are real; they have gone through a preservation process to maintain their natural texture and fresh appearance for much longer. We seek to reach customers who want high quality at a price that is available to everyone. Simplicity and good taste will be a fundamental part of our arrangements. The promise of Kika deco is to deliver to the customer a product made by hand with all the love and with the best materials, which will be aimed at the segments of wedding elaboration, home decoration, and special gifts for all special occasions. Said arrangements will be made by creative staff that will be aware of market trends.


The mission of our Boutique is to offer the customer a different experience to show their feelings, and there is nothing better than saying it with roses. Our Ecuadorian preserved roses are of high quality. Our arrangements will last in time, keeping that special person present by our side.


Transparency and 100% compliance by delivering the product clearly described in the store on time to the end customer, complying with everything offered, and with the detailed materials.


Offer personalized special details to our customers, arrangements that will last for a long time in their hearts.