6 Pack Head Roses XL - KIKA DECO
6 Pack Head Roses XL - KIKA DECO
6 Pack Head Roses XL - KIKA DECO

6 Pack Head Roses XL

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Preserved roses are 100% natural but last longer because they go through a non-toxic process of eternalization, meaning the roses can be used on almost all types of decoration, events like birthdays, weddings, christenings, cocktails, graduations, or even as presents for your loved ones. Roses are not edible but can be used to decorate food with them.

BULK PRESERVED ROSES: If you want to do business just contact us. We manage wholesale prices with a minimum order. We sell them directly from the farm in Ecuador and ship worldwide. 

CHARACTERISTICS AND CARE: Avoid direct exposure to sunlight - Handling must be careful - With the passage of time, remove the dust from your petals with a cold hairdryer or a soft-bristled brush - Avoid humidity - Avoid having them on outside places.

SIZE: H 5.5 cm x D 6.0 cm / H 2.2 in x D 2.4 in

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